Not everyone understands data and AI.
We find those who do.

Unlock the hidden talent market.

Oktet is a global talent partner enabling the data and artificial intelligence revolution. We specialise in finding those who do not want to be found from Team Leads to Directors, and the C-suite. Based in London, Sydney and Kyiv since 2020, we tailor onshore and nearshore talent solutions for our clients.

Data and AI is more about people
than technology.

Building high-performing teams requires more than technical skill and success only occurs when the employer and talent are aligned. To reduce the risk of mismatch, we have developed a psychologist-design approach to make sure we find the right mix of technical, business and soft skills.

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Better the question, better the insight.

It’s not good enough to have the data wrangling skills if the individual or organisation is unable to interrogate the data and present the insights in a compelling way.
— Hugh Simpson, Co-founder of Oktet
Looking for a new challenge?

Not all our roles are advertised as we take a different approach to finding top data and AI talent. We like to get to know you, understand more about what successes (and failures) you've had and how you might be able to help our many clients.

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    • Hugh Simpson
      Co-founder, Data & AI Strategist
    • Olga Vorushilo
      Associate Partner, Nearshore Solutions
    • Hanna Podopryhora
      Psychologist, Head of Talent Sourcing
    • Andrii Suslenko
      Executive Coach

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