Success Stories
Start Up Advisory

Business strategy and new IT company

Our client was looking for ways to grow revenue and profitability within existing and adjacent markets. They were look at ways to capitalise on 30 years of experience in marketing and digital sectors in the local market with an view to exit in 5+ years.

Oktet worked with leadership in two phases:
  1. Develop a new 3 year corporate strategy to protect, defend and sustainably grow existing lines of business whilst optimising back office functions.
  2. Identify and launch a new IT outstaffing business to capitise on market knowledge and global demand.

  • Improved NPS score and productivity for internal IT services
  • Migrated 'grey' IT solution to Google Workspace enhancing collaboration, security and optimising cost control
  • Launched new HR management platform
  • Launched new IT business growing to 20 plus staff and forecast first year revenue of $1mil